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Avidity Group is the customer experience research and marketing specialist. Talk to us about our full suite of products and services ideal for any organisation that seeks to improve and integrate its marketing at all customer touch points.


The core function of our Insights capability is to provide context-rich, personalized and predictive insights on audiences within consumer environments. These insights allow us to deliver targeted consumer engagement for brands and retailers, and offer the consumer environment owners rich consumer insights, allowing them to make informed and proactive business decisions.

Insights & Data Analytics

  • Consumer Environment Insights​
  • Digital Audience Insights​
  • Syndicated Research​
  • Bespoke Research


We use research and insights to create effective, targeted and measurable marketing & communications strategies and campaigns, and execute this through our integrated offering.

Campaign management:

  • Brief ​
  • Bespoke ​
  • 3rd Party ​
  • Owned ​
  • Social  Change

Audience Management:

  • Aggregation
  • Campaign Management​
  • Targeted Digital Communication​
  • Content Development


BRAND ALCHEMISTS is a full-service activation agency that specialises in the use of consumer insights to personalise events and activations. Through the tracking software “Avid Track & Avid Lead” we are able to track and measure the effectiveness of every activation, exhibition and event no matter the size or scale. Allowing us real-time data and added value to brands.

  • Turnkey solution                         ​
  • Data lead solutions ​
  • Centralised space booking​
  • Custom ambient builds ​
  • Production


An integral part of any customer’s journey is the media opportunities they are presented with on their journey. We align the media offering of a property to the overall customer experience through two key solutions:

1. Media Management
2. Media integration

Digital Media

Display and Performance media on:​

  • Mobile​
  • Email​
  • Web​
  • SMS/MMS​


We assess the current state of the consumer environment, using a survey for all employees – from senior leadership to onsite staff. We compare the results with Customer feedback to find the common issue. With these results, we develop a culture change playbook which will be based on a way forward including training, leadership development and reward structures.

Culture Transformation

  • Services staff customer service training ​
  • Performance coaching


  • Employee Engagement​
  • People Management
  • Service staff customer service training ​
  • Performance coaching ​




  • Free WIFI
  • Lead generation



Avidity Transactional brings value to both consumer environment owners and shoppers through products consisting of Vouchers, Coupons, Rewards and Mobile wallet. The technology gives us our capabilities and services which are far superior, as we have integrated several suppliers to create the product we have today.


  • Electronic Gift Card​
  • Mobile Payments​
  • Voucher & Coupons​
  • POS Integration​


  • Coupons​
  • Vouchers​
  • Loyalty​

Alternative Income Management Services

To deliver on the Physical Touchpoint, Avidity focuses on the strategic management of media and space. This is done through our unique process to ensure the strategic objectives of the client is achieved.

Media and Activations

  •  Revenue Optimisation 
  • Marketing and Media Integration​


  • DAS 
  • Broadband Infrastructure

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